Welcome to a collection of the customs I have done!

I will post all the customs I've made on this page! When I feel I've done quite some I'll post a notification on pkmncollectors for those interested to see them. Please note that I do not take commissions trough this post. The official custom commissions post with all the information can be found here

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Welcome to my official customs post!

I'm offering Fine French porcelain pendants and coasters today!
Material is 100% porcelain/China, finished with a transparant glaze
Pieces are completely handcrafted by me which makes each of them unique
High quality and extremely durable

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(I will be abroad from that time on)

Welcome to my permanent sales post!

- Sales permission granted by Dakajojo on 21/07/2011

- HOLDS are generally for 24 hours. Talk to me if you want to extend your hold :)

- A shipping quote is not a HOLD, if you want me to hold the item please be clear about this.

- I ALWAYS ship within a few days after payment is received, shipping is from the Netherlands.

- I accept paypal only from non-European buyers. Within Europe I'll also accept bank transfers if possible (saves you the Paypal fee)

- I ship everywhere but shipping on non-flats can be high. Our postal system is a private one and bases rates on the size of a package. If shipping is unusually high this is specified with the item.

- I can do shipping upgrades but the rates for these are high so the costs will be yours. Please ask for rates if you're interested.

- I often use recycled bubble evelopes/boxes etc. to spare the environment and to save us both extra costs. Don't worry though I will pack your items securely!

- Please let me know when your item arrives. I will gladly exchange feedback with you!

- Please purchase a minimum of $2

- My prices are pretty solid but you can try to haggle, please don't be upset if I don't accept though :)



Selling off my doubles & cards I don't collect :)

Espeon Neo Discovery, condition: mint: $10

Umbreon Neo Discovery, condition: mint: $10

Pikachu countdown calender 2008, with golden snowflake stamp, condition: mint:$25,-

Near complete Umbreon Nightfall Undaunted Deck, condition: mint
Because I took them for my collection it's missing the Umbreon prisma holo, Umbreon non holo rare, one uncommon trainer and perhaps one common eevee card, I'm not sure about that last one. Also, there's an extra Dutch rulebook included next to the English one :)
Price: $10 OBO

I'm looking for the following:


jolteon missing logo error
vaporeon missing logo error
(eevee logo error if it exists)

neo discovery:
espeon rare non holo (mint)

umbreon reverse holo 41/147 (mint)
umbreon holo H29 (mint)

HS undaunted:
umbreon reverse holo 10/90


eevee scamble

glaceon 20/100 promo Winter Challenge tournament

vaporeon POP 3 Japanese meiji promo

* "mint" means I need an absolute mint version because I am looking for a replacement of my copy of that card since mine is damaged. Sure I'd like mint versions of cards I don't already have too, but this way I can keep track of the ones I need replaced. I know it's very logical xD

** I am also always interested in Japanese versions of eevee & evolutions TCG as I have few of these. For example the sandstorm holos, that were not released in English!


Next to eeveelutions I am also interested in TCG of the following Pokemon:
- growlithe & arcanine
- nidoran male line
- nidoran female line
- venusaur
- vulpix & ninetales
- ponyta & rapidash

and I want to complete the Base, Jungle and fossil collections
I don't have an inventory of these though...


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